In Prison

Documentary Seri – 7 X 60 Min – 2015

Writer and Director: Farzad Khoshdast

Producer: Dorri Rezaie

Director of Photography: Mehdi Ghasemi, Bahador Fatah Tari

Sound recordist: Setareh Rezaei

Editor and sound engineer: Farzad Khoshdast and Bahador Fattah Tari

Research and writing: Farzad Khoshdast, Dorri Rezaie

Photography: Yalda Moayeri, Arsalan Amanati

Poster Design: Nadya Aghabeigi

Production manager: Saman Sivas

Produced by Documentary Chanel of IRIB


In the form of seven parts of documentary films, this series shows the lives of female inmates in a Tehran suburban prison.

Part 1: Nightmare

A woman who has poured 4 liters of acid on her driver as she was watching him disintegrate on his chair.

Part 2: Temptation

A girl with her mother who had swallowed a large amount of narcotics in order to fly to Malaysia and become rich overnight.

Part 3: Jeopardy

Two wild women who are bulling in prison the entire time who have been there  since the teens and now they are in their forties

Part 4: Wishful thinking

A girl who wants to become an actress and meets a man with whom she falls in love and they go on to a rubbery and now she seats in prison for murder.

Part 5: It was my mistake

A young girl whose father has misused her as a prostitute in order to buy drugs, now she has become a drug addict and killed her newborn child, and two years later kills her second child and now because of her husband’s complaint.

Part 6: Hatred

A man falls in love with a girl but her answer is negative years pass. The man becomes powerful and rich, his grudge is so heavy that he destroys the girl’s and her family’s lives and the perjury sends the family into prison, now the girl is in an asylum in the United Staes.

Part 7: Circle

After a long period of time a girl is released from the prison, in prison, she brings a child into the life. Now she is searching for her baby in Orphanages. She doesn’t know that got HIV from her husband before her Pregnancy. And now after the release, she is homeless)