The temptation of Light

The temptation of Light

Short Film – 15 Min – 1994

Writer and Director: Farzad Khoshdast

Director of photography: Mahmoud Hajian

Editor and Sound Engineer: Kiarang Alaei

Assistant Director: Mohamad Reza Kouhani

Script Supervisor: Reza Attari

Produced by The Young Cinema Society of Mashhad ( this film is half finished and the permission of making the film continue was taken from the Cinema Society)




The Lumiere brothers are back with a wagon to the word and a mirror is on top of it, a horse is pulling this wagon with hardship. The sunrays are hitting the mirror and their density brake the mirror. Now there is no one and nothing, only the usual crowd who with pieces of mirror are searching for the sunlight and all of them are the personalities of the famous characters of world history movies.