How hard is to Fly

How hard is to Fly

Short Film – 8mm – 5 Min – 1993

Writer and Director: Farzad Khoshdast

Cinematographer: Mehdy Mohtasham Safa

Editor and Sound Engineer: Kiarang Alaee

Script Supervisor: Seyed Reza Yaghouby

Photography: Khosravi

Cast: Bizhan Rahmati Ghobady and Shahriar Ghafary

Produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Association, Mashhad

With appreciation to Mohammadreza Delpak, Hoseinali Layalestani, Mahmood Hajian Pirooz



A man falls to the ground and hits the cage of a bird. The cage breaks and the bird escapes but it can’t fly. A child helps the bird to fly. The bird flies and lands on an apple tree, the apples fall one by one into a basin.