The Story of a Pamphlet on Tulip Street

The Story of a Pamphlet on Tulip Street

Feature Film – 30 Min – 2008

Writer and Director: Farzad Khoshdast

Cameraman: Bahador Fatah Tari

Sound Recordist: Ali Zolfaghary

Script Supervisor: Setareh Rezaee

Assistant Director: Ali Taghipour

Editors and Sound Engineers: Farzad Khoshdast and Bahador Fatah Tari

Production Manager and Photographer: Dorri Rezaie

Actor: Hamed Bisaadi

Producer: Ebrahim Assghari

Produced by City Image Association ( Moassesseh Tassvir Shahr)


In one of Tehran’s old streets, a pamphlet is found by a young man that dates back to thirty years before the revolution when the fight against the Shah was raging. Whomever he shows the pamphlet they wonder about its existence in that place. He finds the owner of it and realizes that he keeps a box of those papers which bring back his memories about that time.