Dorri Rezaie

Dorri Rezaie

Born in 1982 based in Iran

Writer, Director


Producer, Director, and writer of “It will be better ” (Documentary series) 2018- 2019

Production manager and costume designer of “After prison” (Documentary series) – Directed by Farzad Khozhost / 2018-2019

Production manager and costume designer of ” Gazed Look ” (feature movie) – Directed by Farzad Khoshdast / 2019

Producer and director ” wind goes wherever he wants” (in memorial of Abbas Kiarostami) / 2017

Producer of “A woman without a name” (documentary)- Directed by Farzad Khoshdast / 2017

Producing and researching “In prison” (Documentary series)- Directed by Farzad Khoshdast / 2015

Writing short stories and publishing in the Azma (literary magazine) /2015

Producer and Editor of “The Annoying Sound” (Documentary series) – Directed by Farzad Khoshdast / 2012

Editor of ” Peacock Wing Crystals “( Documentary)- directed by Fazad Khoshdast / 2011

Writing a book named “A Kind of Look” based on Abbas Kiarostami’s instructions in Cinema / 2010

Presence in Abbas Kiarostami’s workshops and making short films and video arts / 2007-2013

News photography in the Hambastegi newspaper /2005

News photography in the Khorasan newspaper / 2001

Taking Filmmaking courses at the Young Cinema Society of Iran /1999