A Woman without a Name

A Woman without a Name

Documentary – 88 Min – 2017

Director and Production Designer: Farzad Khoshdast

Cameraman: Mehdi Ghassemi, Bahador Falah

Sound Recordist: Setareh Rezaee

Editor: Farzad Khoshdast

Sound Engineer: Arash Eshaghi

Music Composer: Mehrdad Nossrati

Research and writing: Farzad Khoshdast, Dorri Rezaie

Photography: Yalda Moayeri

Poster Design: Nadya Aghabeigi

Production Manager: Saaman Sivas

Producer: Dorri Rezaie



This documentary goes on a women prison which is located in the suburbs of Tehran.

There are four corridors with cells blocked and four women are coming out from behind of each corridor’s door and tell their story.

First door: A woman who killed a man with Acid!

Second door: A woman who killed her children…

Third door: A woman who killed her lover.

Forth door: there are two women that killed other inmates in  prison.

The last door is opened to release and a woman comes out from Imprisonment.

Trailer in Vimeo

Selected Film of the 18th celebration Documentary in House of Cinema

The award for the Best Sound Designer to Arash Eshaghi

Candidate for the best soundtrack – Mehrdad Nosrati

The International Film Festivals presence of this film:

Selected Film in The Main Part of the Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival

Selected Film in the Golden Tree Documentary Film Festival – Germany

Candidate for the best film of the Peloponnese Documentary Film Festival – Greece

Attend the Ocean City Film Festival – United States

A Criticism of the British Guardian after the film screening in CPH