Amin Miri

Amin  Miri

Born in 1979 based in Iran


As an actor in theaters:

” Khonakaye Khatme Khatereh”  – Directed by Hamidreza Azarang / 2019

“On the Occasion of Ashkan’s Entry” – Directed by Reza Dadooee / 2018

“The Blue Pink” -Directed by Sanaz Baya / 2018

“Aboubak Mohamadi” – Directed by Jalal Tajangi / 2017

“Love and Eminence” – Directed by Hosein Pakdel / 2000

“Sandbad’s Treasure” – Directed by Shadmehr Rastin / 2000

“Words and commas” – Directed by Saber Abar / 1999

As an actor in movies and TV series:

“Night Of The Full Moon” (feature movie) Directed by Narges Arbiar /2019

Gazed Look” (feature movie) Directed by Farzad Khoshdast /2019

“Bodyguard” (feature movie) Directed by Ibrahim Hatami Kia /2018

“Alone in Tehran”(TV series) Directed by Navid Miahandoost /2018

After prison”(TV series) Directed by Farzad Khoshdast /2018

“Rebirth” (feature movie) Directed by Navid Mihandoost /2009

“Motherland” (TV series) Directed by Kamal Tabrizi /2004

“Today” (feature movie) Directed by Reza Mirkarimi /2004

“I’m Not Angry” (feature movie) Directed by Reza Dormishian- 2004

“Facing Mirrors” (feature movie) Directed by Negar Azarbayjani /2003

“Mokhtar” (TV series) Directed by Davoud Mirbaghery /1999

“Alavi detective” (TV series) Directed by Hasan Hedayat /1998


As Theatre Director:

Deadly fame

Talk to me

Mirror behind the silence

The blue death experience

All thieves are not thieves

The Shelter (docu-drama)


Thirteen awards of acting in theatres, nationally and internationally

Candidate for Design and stage designer in the 4th National Short Theatres Festival

The Best Director and Best Performance Award from the 36th International Fajr Theater Festival for Shletter / 2018

Winner Award of Actors Celebration for Shelter’s actor’s team / 2017

Candidate for the best theatre and selected as the fourth theatre of the year in Celebration of critics for Shlelter / 2017

The Social Responsibility Award from the 16th Celebration of Critics and House of Writers / 2017